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do hard things
do hard things
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Maximize your fitness potential with state-of-the-art equipment for plyometric, cardio, and strength training

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Equipment suited for strength athletes (Powerlifting, Strongman, and Bodybuilding) and any individual looking for intense training and even greater growth.

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Full turf area for functional and versatile training

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Slam Balls, Rogue’s Assault bike, and plenty of room to create a circuit for plyometric and cardio style training!

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Available equipment at Iron Valley Barbell

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Assault Bike
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Specialty Bars
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Deadlift Platform
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Squat Racks
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Work with coaches that can help enhance your training no matter what goals you have

We have a team that competes and works year round at pushing themselves and moving forward the do hard things mission and lifestyle!

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Learn how to get your functionality at its best outside the gym

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Learn the basics of how to train/lift with strength equipment

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Get personalized training to compete in a strength sport

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Zach & his team are truly one of a kind. I am from jersey & not only does Zach & the IVB crew have top notch customer service but their knowledge, patience & committed attitude to the iron game & as well as life outside the gym are the reason why I look forward to coming out to Indiana every year. They made me believe in myself & also believed in the crazy ideas I’ve always had. love this place & love the people inside more !!

Blaise Sardanelli

Great gym, and even greater people! Don't be intimidated by the hardcore atmosphere of this strongman/powerlifting gym, the people there are the friendliest you'll ever meet, and there are opportunities to learn every time you step through the door. As far as equipment goes, they have everything you'll need to get strong...and then some. Check it out!

Dillon Lawrence

If you are in need of an environment that produces physical and mental growth, Iron Valley Barbell is the place to be. The facility itself is an amazing environment to lift in and the community of lifters is like no other. I've trained in many gyms in the area and Iron Valley is second to none.

Scott Lim

This place has a great environment. You walk in, and you feel like it's time to get stronger. You talk to the owner Zach about his vision for the place, train with the people there, jump to a lifting session. I've never seen a place quite like it. I 100% recommend it to anyone. Whether you're looking for a new gym, need some top of the line training, or are just tired of going it alone in your fitness journey this is the place for

Charlie O'Neal

Not your conventional rec center or community center. Ironvalley is a place to get motivated by driven individuals who practice what they preach! Felt totally welcome as someone new to lifting and as a woman too, definitely not just a boys club. Be sure to give Spike some love while you're there, sweetest dog ever!

Sarah Reifeis

Been to the gym one time and it was an unbelievable experience. The IVB is there to help each other and push each other new levels each and everyday. Working with Zach online has been awesome as well. He’s always checking in on you whether it be to check in on your program or just to see how your doing. Great friend!

Dylan Scanlon

One of the Mecca’s of strength sports. Zach is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in strength sports and his gym show cases this having many different tools to assist strongman and powerlifting/bodybuilding training alike. There’s not a single person in this building who does not want to see you reach your goals. The atmosphere/equipment and the location make it a 5/5.

Patrick Smith

If you are just now starting to dabble into the fitness community or even if you have been doing it your whole life, this is a place where you want to look into. The owner knows a thing or two and is always willing to help you grow in and outside of the gym. Feels like a second home because everyone in there is passionate, friendly, and willing to help you when you need it. 1love Win. The. Day.

Chase Taylor

Incredible place to be. The gym has so much support and love towards the positive growth of every single person that walks through the door. Everyone there is incredibly knowledgeable and will do their best to help you reach your goals!

Brandin Moeller

Zach and the team at Iron Valley Barbell do an amazing job of motivating and training people both in and out of the gym. I have not been to the gym itself, but have been following their content on social media for some time now and can honestly say that they have helped me in my fitness endeavors. This is particularly true because of all of the content Zach provides showing different positionings and giving helpful cues for different lifts. Great guys, great content.

Zachary Eller

Iron Valley Barbell is a gym with excellent staff and knowledge.  No matter what fitness level you are, Iron Valley Barbell will welcome you and help you on your journey.  Excellent social media influence including helpful tips for lifting and daily motivation!

Diane Grieshop

This is an amazing gym with every piece of equipment any person could need.  Logs, chains, stones, heavy dumbbells.  But what makes the place special is the atmosphere.  The entire gym stops for PR attempts and nearly every workout can turn into a personal training session at any time with Zach and his crew.  The members can help all levels of lifters with form and are very welcoming to new faces.

Jeremy Trant

The folks at IVB have been monumental in progressing in both my fitness and personal/professional goals. The gym, the podcasts, the free social media content, and purchased ebooks are invaluable. I've learned more from these guys the last three years than I have the past 30 years from anyone else. There's something special going on at IVB.

Chris Brownson

Love the atmosphere at IVB. Zach and his staff are not only great people but awesome to work with and super knowledgeable. I usually work out at home but gave IVB a try from finding them on social media, definitely did not disappoint. Would recommend this gym to anyone.  Looking forward to the Power Jams in a couple months. Can’t wait to see what all they achieve this year.

Jonathan Fisher

This was a great little gym, if you are a power lifter/strongman/starting strength person, this is the place.  Staff is cool, owner is a good guy.  Was passing through on a tour and needed a gym with squat racks and deadlift platform.  IVB has it all... it’s like walking onto the set of “Pumping Iron”, old school!

Bradley Bennett

My first time at Iron Valley Barbell was whenever I traveled for a podcast with Zach. I had the opportunity of training there afterwards and it was an unforgettable experience. The love, positivity, and passion that each one of the members I met were unreal. Everyone is a person there and I personally found that beautiful.

Justin de la Cruz
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